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Where Creativity and Inspiration Originate

Where Creativity and Inspiration Originate Introduction The human mind and character always seem to be stimulated by various events and actions, therefore, leading to the adaptations of the different analogies in life. These aspects in life are applied in art and design to furnish and give relevant imaginative direction, so that someone might see the piece of work.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Where Creativity and Inspiration Originate specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Works of art and design do possess their own virtue and properties, which may be given different interpretations by people as each do portray various form of descriptions with essentially unchanging qualities, but they are subject to substantial number of ‘true’, authoritative and ‘irrefutable’ opinions. It also states that it can mean what any one wants it to be by giving it no decisive independence or veracity as art can be derived from, dance, painting, photograph y, sculpture, architecture, music, cinema, drawing, theater, literature and printmaking (Sporre, 2009). The different disciplines of art can also be used to define humanity with religion and history being a factor, with science and technology embracing the entirety of the human nature and hindering its raw creativity blossoming, an insistence for us to depart from this enslavement and instead use it to complement humanities as Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo did. In this regard, we are going to look at the origin of some two historical art periods and the impact they have made to the world of art (Janaro and Altshuler, 2009). Firstly, we are going to look at Renaissance, which is a French word that means ‘rebirth’ and is regarded to be the beginning of modern history as it commenced around 14th to the 17th century. Its impact was felt in most of the Northern Italian cities with the passion for art flourishing and its knowledge being spread to the greater Europe and Middle East. This trade not only led to the exchange of goods, but also to the preservation of writings of the ancient Greeks by the Arab scholars. Together with the ideas exchanged, it served as the basis of the Renaissance as many Christian scholars were leaving Greece for Italy with the fall of the Byzantine empire to the Muslim Turks in 1453. Although the association of Renaissance to Italy is of great importance, it has eclipsed the enhancement of new ideas in northern Europe, the Iberian Peninsula, the Islamic world, Southeast Asia, and Africa as Renaissance was a remarkably international, fluid and mobile incidence (Brotton, 2006). The Renaissance period saw the Graeco-Roman culture transforming art, politics and the society at large as now Art was acknowledged therefore inspiring human inventions and defining the modern world. Renaissance has also been used to define a point of time in history that Europe was asserting its power and authority in most of the continents.Advertising Looking for essay on art? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The 15th and 16th centuries saw the use and development of perception from an experimental technique to play a role in the daily life of every artist’s education with the rise and demand of architectural developments. The arches of Gothic cathedrals became a landscape with its paintings and buildings with virgin of the rocks by da Vinci and other medieval paintings such as the Wilton Diptych both of which are in the National Gallery in London revolutionized art in the Renaissance era. This period in history also revived and preserved the classical era antiquities with the rediscovery of literature, sculpture and architecture from ancient Greece and Rome. The origin of modern physics and astronomy also started in this period as Copernicus contended for a heliocentric clarification of the planet movements and this played a big role for Newton’s exp lanation of gravity 200 years later. In middle ages and Renaissance, theoretical and practical geometry was about measurement by instruments and ‘’by art’’ therefore geometry being relevant to artists who were charged with composing inventions and executing them materially. The renaissance artists gave us the first remarkable pictures of the world in which we live in and are considered the best and geniuses with depictions in the modern day artist’s work. Renaissance therefore gave birth while preserving the ideas and inventions that marked different moments in history while adjustments being applied to it where necessary. The second historical period that we are going to look at is Realism which is a period between 1830 to 1870. Derived from the word real, Realism is the actual presentation of objects, actions or social conditions and it can be said to have inspired philosophy, science, art and literature with its impact being felt in major Europea n countries. In France, it saw the union of artists such as the Realists coming together to paint nature as it really appears, citing the scenery of nature as their main inspiration for art. Realism also establishes itself as a way of thought than a movement within a specific genre with its main principles rejecting classicism and romanticism as fallacies of art asit does not focus on individuals of middle and lower classes who have common problems and obstacles which everyone can associate with. Due to this fact, literary writing has a distinction between realism and actual everyday reality, as realist novels do not give the slightest reality of life as its form and representation. Realism as a form is uninfluenced by classical confluences as it participates in the modern impulse of modernity with a great impact being seen in film and media with reality shows such as Big Brother and Survivor, said to be an experience of real visual representations.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Where Creativity and Inspiration Originate specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This makes realism a relationship between media texts and the viewers. Pier Paolo Pasolini can arguably be said to have inspired modern day cinema with films such as Accattone, The Canterbury Tales, Medea, Salo among many more continue to challenge and still entertain new generations of moviegoers as his work was drawn from art, literature, folklore and music (Maurizio, 1993). He also did not contaminate the purity of theoretical linguistic unit as he removed it from its canonical sites. All in all, Realism touches on every essence of the human life and environment and it cannot be ignored in our daily lives. References Brotton, J. (2006). The Renaissance: A Very Short Introduction. New York: Oxford University Press. Janaro, R. P., Altshuler, T. C. (2009). The Art of Being Human (9th Ed.). New York: Pearson Education. ISBN-13, 9780205605422. Maurizio S. V. (1993). A Certain Realism: Making Use of Pasolinis Film Theory and Practice. London: University of California Press. ISBN.0520078551, 9780520078550. Sporre, D. J. (2009). Perceiving The Arts: An Introduction to the Humanities (9th Ed.). New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall. ISBN-13: 978-0136045694.

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How to Prove De Morgans Laws

How to Prove De Morgan's Laws In mathematical statistics and probability it is important to be familiar with set theory. The elementary operations of set theory have connections with certain rules in the calculation of probabilities. The interactions of these elementary set operations of union, intersection and the complement are explain by two statements known as De Morgan’s Laws. After stating these laws, we will see how to prove them. Statement of De Morgans Laws De Morgan’s Laws relate to the interaction of the union, intersection and complement. Recall that: The intersection of the sets A and B consists of all elements that are common to both A and B. The intersection is denoted by A ∠© B.The union of the sets A and B consists of all elements that in either A or B, including the elements in both sets. The intersection is denoted by A U B.The complement of the set A consists of all elements that are not elements of A. This complement is denoted by AC. Now that we have recalled these elementary operations, we will see the statement of De Morgan’s Laws. For every pair of sets A and B (A  Ã¢Ë† © B)C AC U BC.(A U B)C AC  Ã¢Ë† © BC. Outline of Proof Strategy Before jumping into the proof we will think about how to prove the statements above. We are trying to demonstrate that two sets are equal to one another. The way that this is done in a mathematical proof is by the procedure of double inclusion. The outline of this method of proof is: Show that the set on the left side of our equals sign is a subset of the set on the right.Repeat the process in the opposite direction, showing that the set on the right is a subset of the set on the left.These two steps allow us to say that the sets are in fact equal to one another. They consist of all of the same elements. Proof of One of Laws We will see how to prove the first of De Morgan’s Laws above. We begin by showing that (A  Ã¢Ë† © B)C is a subset of AC U BC. First suppose that x is an element of (A  Ã¢Ë† © B)C.This means that x is not an element of (A  Ã¢Ë† © B).Since the intersection is the set of all elements common to both A and B, the previous step means that x cannot be an element of both A and B.This means that x is must be an element of at least one of the sets AC or BC.By definition this means that x is an element of AC U BCWe have shown the desired subset inclusion. Our proof is now halfway done. To complete it we show the opposite subset inclusion. More specifically we must show AC U BC is a subset of (A  Ã¢Ë† © B)C. We begin with an element x in the set AC U BC.This means that x is an element of AC or that x is an element of BC.Thus x is not an element of at least one of the sets A or B.So x cannot be an element of both A and B. This means that x is an element of (A  Ã¢Ë† © B)C.We have shown the desired subset inclusion. Proof of the Other Law The proof of the other statement is very similar to the proof that we have outlined above. All that must be done is to show a subset inclusion of sets on both sides of the equals sign.

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Securities Analysis and Portfolio Management Essay

Securities Analysis and Portfolio Management - Essay Example Louis is no longer working as a stock broker and Simon is now using the services of Cheryl who has strong views about Simon’s portfolio. Cheryl, a graduate in finance from York University, believes that markets are essentially efficient and admires the work of Harry Markowitz and Fama and French. She believes that the important thing is to have a good portfolio rather than good individual investments. Cheryl tells Simon that she doesn’t feel that he even has the best companies now even if they had been when the portfolio had been set up. Cheryl goes on to say that that a good portfolio needs to include exposure to overseas companies and smaller companies thus reducing the â€Å"beta† and improving the â€Å"alpha† of the portfolio. Cheryl also argued that it is vital to watch the â€Å"momentum† and have stop-losses on all the holdings in order to protect against primary downside movements. Simon is very concerned about his share holdings after talk ing to Cheryl and has approached you for advice. You ascertain that Simon, who doesn’t work, is 65 years old and is receiving a more than adequate income from his existing portfolio. Simon rents a flat in a seaside resort and does not wish to buy property. Simon is not willing to take on any additional risk. In addition to the shares discussed above Simon has ?14,000 in a bank account and ?300,000 in medium dated conventional gilts. Simon has two children from his short lived marriage to Susan who both have well paid jobs. Simon does not wish to transfer assets to his children as he would prefer to support any future grandchildren he has through their education. Simon’s ten equity holdings are: Company PE Ratio Dividend Yield Dividend Cover Equity Market Capitalisation (?m) BAE Systems 7.9 4.96% 2.5 11,003 BP 7.2 8.84% 1.6 77,353 British American Tobacco 15.4 4.2% 1.5 47,264 BT Group 7.6 4.89% 2.7 10,956 Diageo 14.8 3.47% 1.9 66,234 GlaxoSmithKline 10.5 4.78% 2.0 66,23 4 HSBC 29.9 3.34% 1.0 116,479 Marks and Spencer 10.9 4.16% 2.2 5,705 Rolls Royce 14.7 2.56% 2.6 10,847 Unilever 16.1 2.31% 3.2 23,281 Required: (a) With relevant statistics, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of Simon’s existing portfolio above (make reference to eps/dps growth; betas; price performance; and sector spread of the ten shareholdings). (35 marks) Simon’s stock portfolio has been constructed according to the established views of modern portfolio theory, which seeks â€Å"alpha† by selecting stock holdings in companies that will outperform the return of the general stock indices or interest rates over time. Modern portfolio theory is based in the tenets of risk management, which analyze security investments according to â€Å"beta† or the volatility of stock pricing due to company specific business activities, market factors, macroeconomic changes, natural disasters, wars, etc. Investors have different expectations, personal, and professional motivations in building their investments and with this also comes varying appetites or tolerances for risk. Modern portfolio theory was developed largely before ETF vehicles existed to track index performance through large, distributed

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Supply Chain Integration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Supply Chain Integration - Essay Example The study "Supply Chain Integration" will help to understand than the coordination of information for the common benefit of businesses in the supply chain is more effectively accomplished via the internet. The internet in supply chain integration is important for the sharing of information relative to supply and demand in a more timely manner and as such signifies the significance that information and knowledge have in the creation of â€Å"value†. It is useful for efficiently facilitating the means for adopting â€Å"an integrated approach throughout the supply chain† and allows for the more effective balancing of â€Å"autonomy and control† among the individual supply chain partners. GE’s online business network is indicative of the significance of using the internet for integrating supply chain management. GE’s online trading process is a significant improvement on the prior process which involves prolonged â€Å"labor intensive contract biding and award processes†. By using the internet, businesses are able to reach out to new markets by providing reduced costs for entrants, less â€Å"complexity with more flexibility† and more importantly offer a far more efficient method for doing business. Another development in international business behavior necessitating integrating the supply chain via the internet and via tB2B is the tendency to outsource and the formation of tactical partnerships among industries. The internet provides a forum by which supply chain integration is accomplished at minimal cost with optimal success.... The internet in supply chain integration is important for the sharing of information relative to supply and demand in a more timely manner and as such signifies the significance that information and knowledge has in the creation of â€Å"value† (Graham & Hardaker, 2000, p. 287). Graham and Hardaker (2000) maintain that the internet is useful for efficiently facilitating the means for adopting â€Å"an integrated approach throughout the supply chain† and allows for the more effective balancing of â€Å"autonomy and control† among the individual supply chain partners (p. 287). GE’s online business network is indicative of the significance of using the internet for integrating supply chain management (Graham & Hardaker, 2000). GE maintains an online trading process network which facilitates the transaction of approximately US$1 billion in business among over 1,400 suppliers located around the world. GE’s online trading process is a significant improvem ent on the prior process which involves prolonged â€Å"labour intensive contract biding and award processes† (Graham & Hardaker, 2000, p. 287). By using the internet, businesses are able to reach out to new markets by providing reduced costs for entrants, less â€Å"complexity with more flexibility† and more importantly offer a far more efficient method for doing business (Graham & Hardaker, 2000, p. 287). Another development in international business behaviour necessitating integrating the supply chain via the internet and via tB2B is the tendency to outsource and the formation of tactical partnerships among industries. These kinds of developments obviate the need for information and

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Causes and Effects of Child Poverty in Britain

Causes and Effects of Child Poverty in Britain TAQ 1: TOPIC: CHILD POVERTY IN BRITAIN: THE CAUSES AND THE EFFECTS. TAQ 2: TOPIC: CHILD POVERTY IN BRITAIN: AN ANALYSIS OF THE CAUSES AND THE EFFECTS. The aim of this essay is to discuss and analyse the causes and effects of child poverty in Britain. It will start by giving a definition of child poverty, explaining and analysing the causes and effects of child poverty distinguishing between fact and opinion, looking into the severity of the effects of child poverty and lastly, suggesting ways with which this menace can be dealt with. According to According to the United Nations Childrens Fund (UNICEF 2006) children living in poverty are those who experience deprivation of the material, spiritual and emotional resources needed to survive, develop and thrive, leaving them unable to enjoy their rights, achieve their full potential or participate as full and equal members of society. The Christian Children Fund (CCF) definition is based on Deprivation (lack of essential conditions and services needed for the development of a child’s full potential), exclusion (denial of rights, dignity and voice as a result of prejudiced processes) and vulnerability (incapability of society to handle deal with threats to children in their environment). Children living in poverty are as a result of being born to poor parent(s) who are poor as a result of various reasons such as unemployment or low paid jobs, lack of education, government policies, disabilities and discrimination. When a parent lacks the required resources such as a regular disposable income to bring up a child, that child’s well-being is restricted. Other causes of child poverty includes teen pregnancy, unplanned pregnancy, increase in number of single parents (a child raised by a single parent is more likely to live in poverty than that raised by a couple) and insufficient benefits (CPAG 2015). In United Kingdom, the benefits system is in place to act as a safety barrier for people who are out of work or earn insufficient amount of money. The reality is that these benefits are hardly ever enough to cater for the needs of these people thereby affecting their families, leaving them to live below the poverty line (CPAG 2015). The effects of child poverty are not far fetching. This menace damages a child in all aspects- physically, socially, emotionally. A child living in poverty is prone to ill-health, low attainment in life, low morale and a feeling of rejection. These can give rise to anti-social behaviours which will in turn affect the society. According to Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG 2015), it was reported that child poverty costs the United Kingdom at least  £29 billion pounds each year,  £20. 5 billion of which is a direct cost to the government due to the additional demands for services and benefits. To effectively curb this issue, there has to be a collective effort from both the government and her people. The government has to provide profitable jobs with excellent incentives to motivate people to work; better benefits structure, where benefits received is not too much to discourage work and at the same time not too low in which case they are found living below the poverty line. REFERENCES AND BIBLOGRAPHY Child Poverty Action Group. 2015. Child poverty facts and figures. [Online] Child Poverty Action Group. Available at: <> [Assessed 16 February 2015]. Enrique, et al. 2006. Children living in poverty: Overview of definitions, measurements and policy. [Pdf] New York: United Nations Children’s Fund. Available at: <> [Assessed 16 February 2015]. TAQ 3: CHILD POVERTY IN BRITAIN: WHY YOU SHOULD ACT. Child poverty in Britain is a phenomenon that should be addressed by everyone whether an individual is being classed as middle class citizen or not as it affects the whole society in the long run. Having read through a few articles on child poverty, interesting facts and figures has made me both curious and emotional. According to the Child Poverty Action Group’s write up (CPAG 2015) which I read online, there are currently 3.5 million children living in poverty in the United Kingdom, that’s a ratio of more than one in four. These kids live in deplorable conditions, often left cold and hungry, unable to play and have fun with friends or even go on school trips. All these situations affect them in the long term. The CPAG blog also reported that by the age of sixteen, children receiving free meals at school achieve 1.7 grades lower at GCSE than their wealthier peers; they leave school with lower qualifications which in turn lead to lower earnings over the course of a work ing life time and it has also been projected that 4.7 million children will be living in poverty by 2020. I personally find these figures appalling and saddening and I believe that while the government has a responsibility to her people, companies and individual members of the society all have a role to play if we are to tackle this issue effectively. Increases in the number of single mothers or parent, unplanned pregnancies, teenage pregnancies are some of the underlying causes of child poverty. Teenagers (kids who think they are adults and matured enough to make major decisions, feel it is their God- given right to be rebellious and can hardly take care of themselves) should not be having children. These teenagers need to be sexually educated, encouraged to get involved in profitable activities that will open their minds and expand their horizons so they can tap into their full potential. This is not to say that sometimes these kids would not derail from the right path. This is where having a strong family unit comes into play. If and when they do, they need to be supported emotionally, physically, financially especially by family. Companies (minor, major, multi- national) should also be involved. These companies should have a social responsibility to the community in which they are operating. Having support groups, organising campaigns, making regular donations in cash and in kind and creating awareness will suffice. The government should not be less concerned. She has a duty to provide basic amenities, profitable jobs and benefits structure that will motivate and inspire her people. Children are gifts that should be cherished. They should not be born to suffer and live in poverty. They need to be nurtured in love because they are after all- OUR future.

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Anti Obama Care Persuasive Speech

On July 25th President Obama paid a visit to the town of Jacksonville, Florida home to a large percentage of goods imported and exported that helps fuel the economy. The purpose of his visit was to indoctrinate the principle of Obama Care. In his speech the president informed the public of an agglomeration of ideas as to why Obama Care will help the economy. And like most of his ideas it requires more spending and a bigger wage for the federal government.As most hardworking Americans know the government does like to take its eye off the financial difficulties of the middle class. But in reality the most devastating impact on the economy is the future existence of Obama Care. When Obama care is put into use this will require every American to have health insurance. And if not they will have to pay 90$ a month or up to 1% of their salary. Mr. President with unemployment at 7. 6% how is it constitutional to force millions of Americans to pay for insurance they simply cannot afford? The answer is it’s not.The Obamacare law mandates that individuals must maintain health ­insurance coverage for themselves and their dependents or pay a penalty. Similarly, it requires employers with 50 or more full ­time workers to provide those workers with health ­insurance coverage. When obama was sworn into office he took and oath that stated â€Å"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States†

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Lynette Woodard of the Harlem Globetrotters

Lynette Woodard learned to play basketball in her childhood, and one of her heroes was her cousin Hubie Ausbie, known as Geese, who played with the Harlem Globetrotters. Woodards family and background: Born in: Wichita, Kansas on August 12, 1959.Mother: Dorothy, homemaker.Father: Lugene, fireman.Siblings: Lynette Woodard was the youngest of four siblings.Cousin: Hubie Geese Ausbie, player with the Harlem Globetrotters 1960-1984. High School Phenom and Olympian Lynette Woodard played varsity womens basketball in high school, achieving many records and helping to win two consecutive state championships. She then played for Lady Jayhawks at the University of Kansas, where she broke the NCAA womens record, with 3,649 points in four years and a 26.3 point per game average. The University retired her jersey number when she graduated, the first student so honored. In 1978 and 1979, Lynette Woodard traveled in Asia and Russia as part of national womens basketball teams. She tried out for and won a spot on the 1980 Olympic womens basketball team, but that year, the United States protested the Soviet Unions invasion of Afghanistan by boycotting the Olympics. She tried out for and was selected for the 1984 team, and was co-captain of the team as it won the gold medal. Woodards National and International Medals : Gold Medal: U.S. national team, World University Games, 1979.Gold Medal: U.S. national team, Pan-American Games, 1983.Silver Medal: U.S. national team, World Championships, 1983.Gold Medal: Los Angeles Olympics womens basketball team (co-captain), 1984.Gold Medal: U.S. national team, World Championships, 1990.Bronze Medal: U.S. national team, Pan-American Games, 1991. College and Professional Life Between the two Olympics, Woodard graduated from college, then played basketball in an industrial league in Italy. She worked briefly in 1982 at the University of Kansas. After the 1984 Olympics, she took a job at the University of Kansas with the womens basketball program. Woodards Education: Wichita North High School, varsity womens basketball.University of Kansas.B.A., 1981, speech communications and human relations.Basketball coach Marian Washington.Twice named academic All-American and four times named athletic All-American.Ranked first or second in the nation in steals, scoring, or rebounding each year. Woodard saw no opportunity to play basketball professionally in the United States. After considering her next step after college, called her cousin Geese Ausbie, wondering if the famed Harlem Globetrotters might consider a woman player. Within weeks, she received word that the Harlem Globetrotters were looking for a woman, the first woman to play for the team — and their hope to improve attendance. She won the difficult competition for the spot, though she was the oldest woman competing for the honor, and joined the team in 1985, playing on an equal basis with the men on the team through 1987. She returned to Italy and played there 1987-1989, with her team winning the national championship in 1990. In 1990, she joined a Japanese league, playing for Daiwa Securities, and helping her team win a division championship in 1992. In 1993-1995 was an athletic director for the Kansas City School District. She also played for the U.S. national teams that won the 1990 World Championships gold medal and the 1991 Pan-American Games bronze. In 1995, she retired from basketball to become a stockbroker in New York. In 1996, Woodard served on the Olympic Committees board. Woodards Honors and Achievements: All-American High School Team, womens basketball.All-American high school athlete, 1977.Wade Trophy, 1981 (best woman basketball player in U.S.)Big Eight Tournament Most Valuable Player (MVP) (three years).NCAA Top V Award, 1982.Womens Sports Foundation Flo Hyman Award, 1993.Legends ring, Harlem Globetrotters, 1995.Sports Illustrated for Women, 100 Greatest Women Athletes, 1999.Basketball Hall of Fame, 2002 and 2004.Womens Basketball Hall of Fame, 2005. Woodard's Continued Career Woodards retirement from basketball didnt last long. In 1997, she joined the new Womens National Basketball Association (WNBA), playing with the Cleveland Rockers and then the Detroit Shock, while maintaining her stockbroker position on Wall Street. After her second season she retired again, returning to the University of Kansas where, among her responsibilities, she was an assistant coach with her old team, the Lady Jayhawks, serving as interim head coach in 2004. She was named one of Sports Illustrateds hundred greatest women athletes in 1999. In 2005, Lynette Woodard was inducted into the Womens Basketball Hall of Fame.