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A Story About Wwf :: essays research papers

"Welcome everyone to 'Crude IS War'! This evening's headliner is Sting sections Shawn Michaels for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship. Before we start, here is a little data on the challenger, Sting," declared Vince McCann."He hails from Death Valley, California. At 7 feet tall and more than 300 pounds, he is the greatest grappler in the WWF. He is the 'Man from the dim side'," Jim Ross stated."Ladies and Gentlemen..... here is your challenger........ Sting!"The swarm cheers as Sting strolls down the incline. He is halted at the base of the incline to be met by Gene Oakerland. "Sting, on the off chance that I can pose you one inquiry. For what reason do you need the title so badly?" " Well Gene, since the time I was a kid, the title belt has been held by affronting degenerates. I feel it's the ideal opportunity for a genuine boss get the belt. That is the reason I'm here, I'm the individuals' cham....." Before sting could complete his sentence he is assaulted by HHH. HHH's accomplice diverted the ref long enough for him to convey the overwhelming 'Piledriver'. With Sting's head uncovered, HHH drops to the ground and drives Sting's uncovered head on the concrete floor. The power was sufficient to break his neck. Sting was taken out from the power of the effect. When he arose, he was in an ambulance."Where am I? Someone please reveal to me where I am," Sting argued. The paramedic offered him quiet down. "I can't move! I can't move" he would say.It took about thirty minutes to Sharp Hospital. Two specialists were sitting tight for him when he showed up. The quickly took him to the working room. It was here that Sting discovered that he had endured a messed up spine. The specialist requested an exploratory activity. It was a profoundly perilous activity. One chaos up could slaughter the genius. It took five hours to finish the troublesome activity. Sting was wheeled into his private room.To cause him to feel more at home, the room was adorned with WWF stock. When Sting woke up, he had a sharp undeniable irritation. The specialist gave him some medication to help. It worked a tad. Around three hours after he woke up, a specialist came in and disclosed to him that he most likely always be unable to wrestle once more. Sting heart sunk. He would not like to hear that. It was around seven in the first part of the day when Sting rested.

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Idea refinement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Thought refinement - Essay Example In this way, utilizing this portable application, understudies will be in a situation to recruit the administrations of better guides and get tweaked administrations. From the meeting, the difficulties related with scholastic asset communities incorporate less committed mentors who show up later than expected to work and need to leave prior. In this way, as the interviewee’s flat mate clarified, he adapted nothing. Despite the fact that the administrations offered by free guides are costly, going for about $40 every hour, one is ensured of better administrations. The administrations offered were from a certified individual, PhD level. As indicated by Hock, Pulvers, Deshler and Schumaker mentoring programs are key in improving the results of understudies (172). This program along these lines serves not exclusively to connect the mentors and the understudies yet in addition to improve the nature of the administrations offered by such coaches making it an auspicious thought in the instruction part. Pawn, Michael, Pulvers, Kim, Deshler, Donald and Schumaker, Jean. The Effects of an After- School Tutoring Program on the Academic Performance of At-Risk Students and Students with LD, Remedial and Special Education, 22(3), pp.

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Top Secrets of How to Motivate Yourself to do Homework

Top Secrets of How to Motivate Yourself to do Homework Homework is one of the significant aspects of every student. In our academic life, we do plenty of homework. There is not a single student in the world who has never done any homework. Homework helps the students to clear all their doubts regarding their subjects. But nowadays there is not a single subject to study; there are lots of subjects for the students. Therefore they also get plenty amount of homework for different subjects. But now the question is, how can a student do all the homework in a short period? This question also emerges another question of how to motivate yourself to do homework. Nowadays, the students are looking to get a solid answer to their problems of how to do homework fast. We know that homework is not a fun activity for the students. It is hard for them to do their homework in a busy schedule. To do the homework, they need enough time and energy to do that much homework. But there are some useful tips and tricks that would help you to get a solid answer on how to do your homework fast. Let’s have a look at the key point that will help you to motivate yourself to do homework. How to Motivate Yourself to do Homework Summary How to Motivate Yourself to do Homework1. Make a List to Plan Your Homework2. Arrange All The Books and Supplies You Need3. Avoid Distractions and Find the Quiet Place4. Turn Off Your Phone5. Listen to Classical Music While Working6. Eat Snacks and Drink Water7. Take Short Breaks8. Set Goals and Reward YourselfConclusion 1. Make a List to Plan Your Homework Making a list is always a pre-plan of your homework is still beneficial for you. The reason is that making a plan will guide you to do your homework. In your plan, you should start creating a list to outline all your important tasks. Before making a list you have to figure out how much time you will take to complete your homework. You can estimate both the maximum and the minimum time. After that, you should list the various tasks that you would have to do. You should also divide the time to do each task. For this, you can estimate which task will take more time and which need less time. Making a list will help you to get started with doing your homework fast. You do not need to figure out what to do next after making a list because the list will guide you now. 2. Arrange All The Books and Supplies You Need We know that we can’t do homework without any books and supplies. Most of the students don’t give preference to arrange all the supplies and book before getting started with their homework. While you start writing your homework, you discover that you need a calculator, compass, books, pencils, paper and so on. It can be time consuming for you to arrange all these supplies at the moment you are writing the homework. You should arrange all these supplies before starting the homework. Every homework is different, and every homework needs different books and supplies. So make sure that you are organizing the relevant books and supplies to do the homework at the time. Don’t create the mess by arranging all the books and supplies of homework at once. It will help you to find the relevant answer of how to motivate yourself to do homework. 3. Avoid Distractions and Find the Quiet Place Most of the time, we don’t give value to the place where we are doing our homework. We should know that a quiet place will help you to do homework faster as compared with the place full of distractions. I have seen that most of the students do their homework in front of the TV. But you shouldn’t do the same because TV is the biggest distraction in the house. If you start doing your homework in front of the TV, then you will waste most of the time watching tv and doing less homework. Therefore your homework will take more time than it was expected to be done. Doing the work simultaneously always slow down the performance of the individuals. So all you need to do is find a quiet place where you can find less or no distractions. If you have a study room, then you should go there and start writing your homework. 4. Turn Off Your Phone Smartphones have changed our life completely. We cannot live a single minute or even second without our smartphones. Most of the people say that they can’t live without their smartphones. But do you know that smartphones consume your most valuable time? You can save your precious time by avoiding the use of smartphones for more than an hour or a couple of hours. Most of the students think that avoid phones is like putting your phone on the desk and then start writing your homework. But remember that putting your phone far away is not the perfect solution. You have to turn off your phone to stay focused on your homework. Because if you put your phone ways from you, then you might check for the notification at regular intervals, that is not good for you. Because it will distract your mind and you will require more time to get back to your work. 5. Listen to Classical Music While Working Classical music is not the preferred music for youngsters. But do you know that classical music is the best music to stay focused? You should play classical music for background audio. The music should not contain any lyrics and beats, and it should be sober music. A study has proven that the students score high in tests who listen to classical music as compared to the students who listen to pop and other genres of music. Let’s start finding some classical music on any preferred online music platform. 6. Eat Snacks and Drink Water Don’t compromise on your health while writing the homework. Health is wealth, the better you feel, the more productive you can be. It is common that when you involve in work for a long time. Then you may get mentally and physically tired. If you don’t get enough rest and start doing your homework. Then you may not get the desired result. You should hydrate your body and brain by drinking plenty of water. You should drink water and avoid soda, soft drinks or any other beverages that contained sugar. Apart from that, you should also eat some healthy snacks or baked snacks. It will help you to regain your energy level without wasting your time to eat food. 7. Take Short Breaks Most of the students don’t value the breaks. They don’t know how crucial the breaks can be for them. You should give the preference to the short breaks. Most of the homework takes hours and hours to be completed. Therefore the students feel pressure while doing their homework. It is often that the students don’t perform well under pressure. You should take a short break at regular intervals. In your breaks, you can do the stretch and walk around. These will help you to re-energize your mind and body to do some work in quick time. I would like to suggest that you should write the homework for half an hour then take a 5 minutes short break. While doing two or more homework in a single day then you should take a nap of 2 hours between the homework. 8. Set Goals and Reward Yourself While doing the homework, you should set small goals. We know that homework isn’t a fun activity. But setting up small goals will turn your homework into a fun activity. You can set the goals by splitting your homework into smaller parts and set goals for each part. You should also reward yourself while finishing every part. Our brain loves the rewards, and after getting the rewards, it works more efficiently and faster. The reward can be 10 minutes of video games, listen to your favourite music, eat your favourite dessert and so on. It will help you to get the best answer to how to get homework done fast. Apart from that, you will also get a solid answer on how to motivate yourself to do homework fast. Conclusion Now you may get the appropriate answer of how to do motivate yourself to do homework. In most of the cases, the students try to do the homework within a single night. If they follow all the tips mentioned above, then they will get the answer of how to finish homework fast late at night. So what are you waiting to follow all the tips and start getting the best response to the question, how to get homework done quickly. All these tips are proven and written by experts. You will see the difference between your performance and can be able to do more homework in less time. Get the best homework help from the leading homework helper around the world.

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The Rise Of The Italian Renaissance - 1287 Words

The Italian Renaissance, in contrast to the conservative attitude of the Middle Ages, introduced a society dominated by a secular, humanistic spirit. One of the most historically significant events of the Renaissance was the Reformation. Some people argue that the Reformation was a rejection the secular spirit of the Italian Renaissance. Others assert that the Reformation was an embracement of these secular ideas. However as with many questions, this issue cannot be given a definite answer. The events of sixteenth-century Europe shows that the Reformation rejected secular ideas in some ways and embraced them in others. Martin Luther defied the Catholic Church and formed his own ideas on salvation, embracing secularism. In England, Henry VIII would reject Catholic authority, thereby accepting the secular spirit. However, he also rejected secularism by continuing to uphold traditional Catholic theology. Edward VI and Mary I would both establish national religion, of which there was no questioning, and reject the secular spirit. Elizabeth I also established a national religion, but her more conservative religious policies reflected her embracement of secular ideas. On the other hand, John Calvin created a religious sect that was dedicated to ardent religious devotion and righteousness, thereby rejecting secularism. Thus, the Reformation both rejected and embraced the secular spirit of the Italian Renaissance. In order to effectively analyze the Reformation in relation theShow MoreRelatedAn Instrument For The Discovery Of Truth1301 Words   |  6 Pagesthough it had its downfalls, it has managed to rise again and influence the world. Burckhardt attempts to save his thesis by discoursing about the Italian Renaissance man. Burckhardt disputes about the Italian Renaissance not producing an Italian Shakespeare. He proclaims that Shakespeare is the exception and then, he faults the Spaniards and the Church for not being able to produce an Italian Shakespeare. Burckhardt continues to praise the Renaissance man, but he still does not answer the questionRead MoreComparing The Italian And Italian Renaissance1748 Words   |  7 PagesNorthern Renaissance and Italian Renaissance Differences between the Italian and Northern Renaissance The Renaissance was a period of great cultural and technological changes which swept Europe from the end of the 13 century. It was integral in developing Europe into a powerhouse. Although, each part of Europe was subjected to different changes, there were two primary renaissances which were most notable. They were the Italian and the Northern renaissance. Both of these renaissances had a profoundRead MoreLeonardo Da Vinci, the Epitome of the Italian Renaissance Essay792 Words   |  4 Pagesopportunity to rise to fame, was the center of innovation and creativity in the Italian Renaissance. This renowned city was famous for supplying some of the best artists in the world and for creating the some of the world’s most treasured art. Leonardo da Vinci, possibly one of the greatest painters in the world, was born in Florence and lived his adulthood in Florence, the essence and heart of the Italian Renaissance. Leonardo da Vinci virtually changed the world and the Italian Renais sance by greatlyRead MoreThe History of the Western World from 500 B.C. to 1500 A.D.1178 Words   |  5 Pagespermit the production of literary artistic and scholarly master pieces. There was little cultural creativity in Europe in the 1000A.D to the latter part of the middle ages when intellectual development began to flower during the renaissance which began in 1300 A.D. Renaissance was realized by reviving the ancient Greek and roman learning. This saw the transformation of Europe from medieval to modern world. Scholars at this time felt that they needed to bring about the rebirth of civilization. ThereRead MoreInfluence Of The Renaissance On Modern Western Society Essay1712 Words   |  7 PagesThe renaissance was a time of great and immeasurable change within all aspects of European life; so much so that it could be seen as beginnings of our modern western society. Leading this revitalization in culture and society in Europe’s historical development were to the two of the most dominant states of renaissance Italy, Florence and Venice. These small city-states were the powerhouses of the time and assisted speeding up the renaissance and helped spur revolutionary developments along the wayRead MoreThe Renissance was a Cultural Movement of Humanism718 Words   |  3 PagesThe Renaissance was a cultural movement that spanned the period roughly from the 14th to 17th century, beginning in Italy in the Late Middle Ages and later spreading to the rest of Europe. The term renaissance came from the French word meaning rebirth. The defining concept of the Renaissance was humanism. Humanism was a distinct movement because it broke from the medieval tradition of having pious religious motivation for creating art or works of literature. The Renaissance humanism was a collectionRead MoreThe Renaissance in Europe1068 Words   |  5 PagesThe significance of the word Renaissance is rebirth or a regeneration of a period. This period was called the Middle Ages and it began during the fourteenth century. The Renaissance was mainly characterized for the development of learning and thinking. This period also distinguished the discovery and exploration of new continents, system of astronomy, the growth of commerce, and the innovations of paper, printing, compass, art, literature, math and science. During this period, it was primarily theRead MoreRenaissance Essay920 Words   |  4 PagesThe Renaissance was an era of change in human thought. It was characterized by a new philosop hy, which included the rise of humanism, individualism, and secularism. Writers and artists began to focus on the individual man and his potential. The Renaissance movement began in the Italian city-states, especially Florence, and spread northward toward the rest of Europe. The Renaissance was the rebirth of new ideas in all aspects of life such as: science, technology, classical art, and education. Read MoreThe Renaissance And Its Impact On The European Renaissance1694 Words   |  7 Pagesdark ages coming to end and the economy of Europe slowly beginning to rise again, a giant scale cultural revolution like never before was slowly beginning to sweep over Europe. Becoming what we now know as the European Renaissance, every aspect of European life changed because of this revolution. The Renaissance began a renewed interest in the people to seek knowledge and question what the world around them meant. The Renaissance wasn’t just about learning however, it included exploring the world,Read MoreThe Italian Renaissance1228 Words   |  5 PagesThe Italian Renaissance was a time for great cultural change and achievements, which began in Italy approximately during the 13th century and lasted up until the 16th century. It marked the transition between the Dark Ages and Early Modern Europe. The European Renaissance originated in Central Italy, and centered in the city of Flor ence.i The distinctive characteristics of northern Italian states such as art, literature, philosophy, and culture produced an atmosphere of learning and artistic expression

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Fences, By Fences By Homer - 879 Words

Fences In Fences, Wilson tells us that there is always a kind of protection between fathers and sons, but at the same time, it is also a kind of restriction. Fathers always do not know how to express their love or even not sure about their love, causing their sons to be perplexed and hesitate whether their father really loves them. the doomed love between fathers and sons is then appeared. The relationship of the main character of fences, Troy, and his son, Cory, is a typical example of this phenomenon. Troy was a member of the Negro Leagues but never got a chance to play in the Major Leagues because he got too old to play just as the Major Leagues began accepting black players. Therefore, when Cory has been recruited by a college football team, Troy definitely refuses to let him join the team. Troy is actually protecting Cory. He refuses to let Cory join the team because he doesn’t want his son to face what he faced before. He wants to prevent Cory from the disappointing real ity which he thinks that cannot be changed – the black people are not being treated fairly in sport events. However, in the perspective of Cory, he just cannot understand why Troy doesn’t encourage or support him to chase his dream. Then, he is angry with Troy. Misunderstanding is then caused, because both of them cannot understand each other well. Beside stuffs about football, Cory is also angry about Troy cheating on Rose. He even starts a fight with Troy because of that, a fight betweenShow MoreRelated`` Everything Rises With Leadership But Falls As A Tragedy 1095 Words   |  5 PagesWilson’s Fences is a complex bildungsroman tragedy full of conflicting desires, major conflicts and flaws the characters face, death of characters that results from society’s pressures ultimately causing the downfall of the protagonist and other characters. Fences contains several themes, including identity, prejudice, American dream, love and racism, and many of the cha racters in Fences represent various virtues and attributes found in everyday life. One of the main characters in Fences is TroyRead More The Immortal Heroes of Homer’s Iliad Essay1419 Words   |  6 Pagesmade on it a great vineyard heavy with clusters, lovely and in gold, but the grapes upon it were darkened and the vines themselves stood out through poles of silver. About them he made a field-ditch of dark metal, and drove all around this a fence of tin; and there was only one path to the vineyard, and along it ran the grape-bearers for the vineyard’s stripping. Young girls and young men, in all their light-hearted innocence, carried the kind, sweet fruit away in their woven basketsRead MoreCharacter Analysis of Cory in The Play Fences by August Wilson1109 Words   |  5 Pagesdreamed of playing Major League Baseball but at that time it was an impossibility because of racial dis he other primary relationship of Fences is that of Troy to his son Cory (Courtney B. Vance) - a promising 17-year-old football player being courted by a college recruiter. Troy himself was once a baseball player in the Negro Leagues - early enough to hit homers off Satchel Paige, too early to benefit from Jackie Robinsons breakthrough - and his bitter, long-ago disappointment leads him to decreeRead MoreBaseball InFences, By August Wilson1239 Words   |  5 Pagesthe 50s. As Mollie Wilson O’Reilly put it in her article â€Å"Fertile Ground: August Wilson’s ‘Fences’†: â€Å"Wilson wrote about black Americans ‘reassembling’ themselves and their communities and coping with discrimination and poverty in another decade of the twentieth century† (20). Troy is the embodiment of black American in the 50s. Myles Weber wrote, in â€Å"Rescuing the Tragic Bully in August Wilson’s ‘Fences’†, that the black theate r â€Å"should be characterized not by tragically self-destructive figuresRead MoreEssay on Art Formal Analysis601 Words   |  3 PagesArt Formal Analysis Examining the formal qualities of Homer Watson’s painting Horse and Rider In A Landscape was quite interesting. I chose to analyze this piece as apposed to the others because it was the piece I liked the least, therefore making me analyze it more closely and discover other aspects of the work, besides aesthetics. The texture of the canvas works very well with the subject matter portrayed in the painting. The grassy hill side and the leaves of the trees are especially complimentedRead MoreOctober Sky Psychology Write-Up803 Words   |  4 Pagesboy’s journey. Homer Hickam is an adolescent boy whose life has been predetermined by his father, a foreman at the coalmine, to work down in the mines but he has a different plan for his life. In October 1957, everything changes when the first artificial satellite, Sputnik goes into orbit. After he sees the satellite flying across the night’s sky, Homer becomes inspired to learn how to build rockets. With his friends, who also are destined for the mines, and the local nerd, Homer sets to do justRead MoreAnalysis Of The Movie August Sky 914 Words   |  4 Pages1957, most of the male that live in that town were miners’.Homer, who is the main character faced many challenges, to achieved his launch rocket. Homer who is also the son o f the miners supivisors named John Hickam. Homer and his friends Roy Lee and Scott O ‘Dell got together one night with some of the neighbors after the bulletin announced the Russians rocket, Sputnik 1 was on earth orbit and will be visible. At that moment when Homer saw sputnik in the sky he enjoyed the view and was inspiredRead MoreA Brief Note On The And Kinetic Energy1679 Words   |  7 Pagesancient oak tree up on the top of the mountains.† History: Coal war, was a war/ disagreement between the union and the workers and people like his Grandpa who worker in the mine before his accident. Funny thing about Sonny’s parent s marriage is that Homer really needed help to get Elsie to come down and marry him. I mean he had to ask the president, that is major pressure. Honestly I find it funny for a guy to need help to persuade his ‘love of life’ to marry him. I really feel bad for Sonny’s poppyRead MoreMovie Report On August Sky 929 Words   |  4 Pagesmost of the males that lives in that town where miners’. Homer, who is the main character faced many challenges, to achieve his launch rocket. Homer who is equally the son of the miner s supervisors named John Hickam. Homer and his friends Roy Lee and Scott O ‘Dell got together one night with some neighbors after the bulletin announced the Russians rocket. Sputnik 1 was in earth orbit is capable of being visible. At that moment, when Homer saw Sputnik in the sky, he enjoyed the view and was inspiredRead MoreRabbit Proof Fence1822 Words   |  8 Pagestechniques in the film ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’ directed by Phillip Noyce, The book cover ‘Odyssey’ by homer illustrated by Alan Baker and the poem ‘Night Ride’ by Kenneth Slessor. In ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’ directed by Phillip Noyce techniques such as, symbolism, language, lighting, camera angles and shots, imagery, music, sound and setting are used to represent the concept of journey and that ‘the journey, not the arrival matters’. The three girls in Rabbit Proof Fence, Molly, Gracie and Daisy are the

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Industry Analysis for the Airline Industry Free Essays

An Industry in which I have a potential future interest for an entrepreneurial venture is the ever changing airline industry. Although facing tough numbers after the 9/11 attacks, I have always held an interest for this industry. There are several basic economic characteristics for this industry. We will write a custom essay sample on Industry Analysis for the Airline Industry or any similar topic only for you Order Now There are many opportunities, there are also many threats. The airline industry was heavily regulated by the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) for close to 40 years. Eventually, Congress abandoned airline price and service regulation and disbanded the CAB. Since deregulation the airline industry has becoming increasingly competitive. This industry is also very large and important to the travel and tourism industry. This industry is also very important in developing new business strategies amongst different industries. Before working with any industry, you should take steps to analyze it. The two basic types of aviation are commercial aviation and general aviation. General aviation deals with operating you aircraft more for internal purposes. Commercial deals more with carrying passengers or cargo for hire. The scheduled airline industry is more of commercial aviation. The first scheduled airline service started in the 1920’s. There have been a lot of eventful history in this industry including periods of rapid growth and prosperity, rapid technological change, federal regulation of prices and routes, entry and exits of firms, bankruptcies, rivalries, financial losses, and problems in safety and security. However, the industry had become one of the most important factors of today’s transportation infrastructure. The table below displays how much the industry has grown over the years. Table 7. 1: Annual U. S. Passenger Enplanements by Scheduled Airlines, 1930-2004 (millions of persons) Source: Air Transport Association, Annual Operations, Traffic and Capacity, www. airlines. org/econ/d. aspx? nid=1032 There are many rivalries in the air line industry. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) divides the firms in the airline industry into three categories. Group 3 consists of airlines that gain at least $1 billion in annual revenue. National, or Group 2, are those who gain between $100 million and $1 billion in annual revenue. The last group is Regional, or Group 1, which gains less than $100 million in annual revenue. In Group 3, United, American, and Delta holds the top 3 spots in revenue, revenue passenger miles, and available seat miles. Porter’s five forces is by far the most influential in business strategy. It analyzes business segments and developing entry/exit/investment plans. Below is a model of Porter’s five forces for American Airlines, one of the most dominant companies of the airline industry. How to cite Industry Analysis for the Airline Industry, Papers

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Types Of Computer Viruses Essays - Computer Viruses,

Types Of Computer Viruses A computer virus is a program that is designed to damage your computer, programs, and files. Like a virus in a living thing, a computer virus can spread if it is not removed. Some viruses are more dangerous than others. One of the most common places for a computer virus to appear is on a file found on the Internet or attached to an E-mail. For example, you may have a virus that just pops a message box on your screen, and then the virus is disabled, or you can have a virus that deletes half of your hard drive. Computer viruses didn't really exist until the mid 1980s. The first computer viruses were created in university labs to demonstrate how much of a threat the vicious code could be. There are many kind of viruses that exist today. Some of the most common of Computer Viruses are: File Viruses, Boot Sector/Partition Viruses, Multi-Partite Viruses, Trojan Horses, File Overwriters, Polymorphic viruses, and Stealth Viruses. A File Virus is the most common kind of virus. These kinds of viruses usually infect .EXE and .COM files, which are the main component of a program or application. A file virus can insert its own code into part of the file, so that when the infected program file is run, the virus is executed first. Most file viruses are memory resident. Because of this, they can easily attach themselves to other programs that are being run and start to infect that file. A simple virus will overwrite and destroy a host file, immediately letting the user know that there is a problem because the software will not run. Because these viruses are immediately sensed by the computer, they have a less chance to spread. More complex written viruses will cause more damage, spread easier, and are harder to be detected. Boot sector viruses infect hard drives and floppy disks by putting itself on the boot sector of the disk, which has the code that is run at boot up. Booting up from an infected floppy, allows the virus to jump from the floppy to the hard drive. These viruses are loaded first, and gain control of the system before MS-DOS could be loaded. Since the virus is run before the operating system, it is not MS-DOS-specific and can infect any PC operating system. These viruses stay in the RAM and infects every disk that is read by the computer until the computer is rebooted. After reboot the virus is removed from memory. Multi-Partite Viruses are the worse of both file and boot sector viruses. They can infect the host software components. These viruses spread like a file virus, but still insert itself into a boot sector or partition table. Because of this, they are difficult to remove. An example of this type of virus is the Tequila virus. Trojan Horses are the worst kind of viruses that exist. They contain malicious code that is meant to damage your computer. Unlike other viruses, this virus does not replicate itself. This virus waits until the trigger event. When the trigger event occurs, a message is displayed or files are damaged. Because of the nature of these viruses, there are some researchers that do not classify Trojan Horses as viruses. File Overwriters are viruses that link themselves to a program, leaving the original code intact and adding themselves over and over to as many files as possible. These viruses are made simply to keep copying itself. While, this virus is copying itself it is taking up more disk space and slowing down performance. Since these viruses often have flaws in them, they can inadvertently damage or destroy data. The worst kind of file overwriters, wait until the trigger event, then start to destroy files. Most of the viruses that exist today are Polymorphic. Recently a Mutation Engine was released. This software ensures that polymorphic viruses will only proliferate over the next few years. Like the human AIDS virus, polymorphic viruses grows fast to escape detection by anti-virus programs. Special encrypted code within this virus allows the virus to hide from detection. There are a limited number of kinds of polymorphic viruses. Because of this, they are easier to notice. An example